Live Laugh Love Greece 2024!

August 24-September 8, 2024

Visit the birthplace of drama, philosophy, and democracy in Athens,swim in the crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters of Milos (home to the Venus de Milos), explore the breath-taking caldera views on Santorini, and be awed by the majestic ruins and beaches of Crete. In Greece, you will find the perfect mix of culture, history, and beauty everywhere you turn.

Day 1: Athens
Transfer to your centrally-located, air-conditioned hotel room,  walking distance from the Acropolis, Sintagma Square and the famous dining and shopping area of Plaka. Use this eveniing to relax, rest, and enjoy strolling around the Acropolis under the stars.

Day 2: Athens
If you are feeling rested and motivated, today would be a great day to make it up to the Acropolis, one of the Seven Ancient architectural wonders of the world. We have hired one of the best guides in all of Athens so if history and culture is your passion, joining us on our walking tour is a must.

Make sure you make a stop at the newly opened Acropolis Museum,an architectural wonder in its own right.

Enjoy your afternoon doing some bargain shopping around Monastiraki, enjoying live music in the streets of Plaka and catch a lucky glimpse of the changing of the guards at Sintagma Square, all walking distance from your hotel.

Today would be a good day to take advantage of an optional trip outside of the city. One recommended trip is to the beautiful ocean side temple of Sounion (Temple of Poseidon), the last temple the ancient Greek sailors would see before they went off to sea. Enjoy the coastal ride to this southern temple, approximately 30 miles south of Athens.

Day 3-4: Milos (2 nights)
Prepare for an early morning departure as we make our way to the port of Piraeus to board our high speed ferryboat to the island of Milos, home to the famed Venus de Milo and some of the most beautiful beaches Greece has to offer. Sit back and relax and enjoy being on the beloved Mediterranean Sea at last ! A not-to-be missed experience is to take a catamaran trip around the island where you will be able to swim in some of the most clear ocean waters and witness amazing rock formations everywhere you turn !

Day 5-7 : Santorini (3 nights)

We will be boarding our midmorning ferry to the island of Santorini, home of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Enjoy your afternoon walking the sun-drenched streets and taking in the awe-inspiring panoramic views from every corner you turn.

There is plenty to see and explore on this fascinating volcanic island. Enjoy a half day trip to the famed Akrotiri (known as the "Pompeii of Greece) where we will also stop at the famous Santo Winery and enjoy some of Greece's best wines as well as take in a spectacular view of the entire island.

Finally, we will be organizing a trip on a private catamaran to the caldera, swim in the healing hot springs of the island's caldera, hike up the nearby volcano and end the day with an amazing view of the sunset in the town of Oia . 


Day 8-10: Kissamos, Crete (3 nights)

Today we will take a ferry into the beautiful Venetian port city of Rethymnon, Crete and make our way to the beautiful oceanside town of Kissamos where we will enjoy 3 nights of fun in the sun in our beachside hotel.

A highlight of our stay here will be taking a private sailboat trip to the magnificent beaches of Balos Bay where we will spend the day swimming in its turquoise waters and taking in some of the awe-inspiring scenery of the Cretan coastline.

Enjoy your free day in Kissamos exploring the many ocean side cafes and bars. I recommend renting a bicycle as a fun way the to see some of the coast and its many beautiful beaches.

Day 11-13: CHANIA (3 nights)

Today we make our way to the spectacular Venetian city of Chania, which has captivated the imagination of tourists from all over the world. Enjoy 3 nights in this quaint harbor town as you explore the dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars and galleries scattered throughout its many cobblestone streets. 

Chania is also home to where the movie 'Zorba the Greek' was filmed and you will be able to witness dancers around the city celebrating Zorba's famous "Sirtaki dance". 

Crete is also famous for its wonderful local cuisine and award-winning wine. You will be in "food heaven" as you try the many varieties of local specialities including 'Dakos', a Cretan appetizer consisting of dried and soaked Barley rusk, topped with chopped feta, olives, tomatoes, and peppers. 

While in Chania, you will also have the opportunity to hike the awe-inspiring Samaria Gorge. This is a highly recommended full day trip that will take you through the spectacular mountain ranges of Central Crete. 

Day 14-15 : Heraklion ( 2 nights)

Today we make our way to Heraklion, home to the  center of Minoan Civilization and capital of Crete. We will spend our last two nights in a wonderful oceanside hotel, where you can enjoy wonderful city and harbor views from the rooftop pool and bar. 

Our hotel is located  just a few minutes away from the remarkable National Archeological Museum as well as just a 15 minute drive from Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archeological ruin as well as the oldest city in all of Europe.

A trip to Heraklion is also not complete without a visit to the Boutari wineries, home to some of the finest wines in all of Greece ! We will be sure to make a stop here to enjoy some celebratory Retsina as we say good-bye at the end of our journey.

From Heraklion, you will all be taking flights either back to Athens or onward to your home destination.  My sincerest hope is that you will all be returning home with only the fondest of memories of our Greek-island adventure.

" Kalo Taxidi ! "

Safe travels ....


2024 prices TBA. We are stil waiting to hear from a few hotels and vendors but a current rough estimate for a double occupancy room is $3450.00 Single room: $4750.00 

*Tour price will include : 
-15 nights accommodations in wonderful boutique hotels
-All ferries between islands, all outer island hotel transfers, all breakfasts, and services of a local guide throughout the trip. 


For more information about our company and other tours we organize, please go to: or email us at 

Come join us for this getaway of a lifetime !


Melina Lillios has been conducting tours throughout the world since 1985. She directed educational bus tours throughout England and Southern Europe for 5 years as well as worked as a tour director for Contiki Tours which took her all over the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Australia, and New Zealand. She first came to Hawaii to open up a worldwide office for Contiki in1989 and then later went on to become operations manager for the world-wide travel companies Globus Gateway and Cosmos Tours.

Melina has been traveling around the world for the past 35 years and now lives in Southeast Asia for 3 months of every year. She is also of Greek and Brazilian ancestry and has spent the last 30 years exploring not only these two rich and diverse cultures but also most of Europe, Australia, and much of South America. Aside from traveling the globe conducting tours, Melina is a professor of intercultural communications at Hawaii Pacific University and is a music-director of theater in Honolulu. 

She is thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you her most beloved Greece.


"Melina was so accommodating to all who were on the Greece 2014 trip. 
She is the most unique combination of laid-back yet super-energetic, highly organized yet non-militant and concerned/caring yet free-spirited.  She was equally attentive to everyone, answered all questions, addressed all needs and wishes  and made sure everything was checked off of our individual bucket lists.  The professional guides she used were awesome and I returned learning more than I anticipated.  It was really lovely having a group who instantly became an entity unto itself due to our main common shared experience.  The comfort of running into a friendly, familiar face just at the right time is priceless!  You were able to rely on each other at the most opportune times:  to ask where you can find  a close ATM, to hear where they just bought the most unique item or to borrow some suntan lotion because you forgot to take it with you that morning!  So many of us took advantage of our free time or felt comfortable breaking from the group, it made coming back together that much more special.  What a treat it was to hear of their adventures which were different from ours!

 This trip was the most educational, relaxing, seamless, stress-free, fun-filled two weeks I could hope for.  Did I mention it was in GREECE??  Daily, you would say to yourself or overhear someone say, “I am living in a post card!”  My only regret is that I have to wait to save up money until I can travel with Melina again. " Karen Ligammari, North Haven, CT

"If you ever want to see the world come do it with Melina
at Live Laugh Love Tours !
I promise she is the most well traveled person you will ever meet. 
Melina has been in 13-14 countries THIS YEAR ALONE. You have all seen a few of my Greece pictures and can see what an amazing trip it was. We never would have known what to see if it weren't for her tour.
Melina, is an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL person that worked her ass off (with a smile) to make sure we were all happy, comfortable and having the best experience possible. I consider Melina a dear friend that I WILL see again very soon. You will not regret traveling with someone that knows each country you visit like the back of her hand! OPA!" Stephanie Delph, Austin, TX


"Ever since I was a teenager, I have wanted to visit Greece, so getting to experience these beautiful mountainous islands with my family was the way to go. Live,Laugh,Love Tours made all of us feel like celebrities.This was a luxury tour, but on an affordable budget. Melina Lillios is a dear friend and a generous and attentive host. The other individuals we met on our tour are sincerely life long friends and made the trip even better.  Be open to experiencing Greece through each other's eyes…and know you all were joined together for a reason.  We can't wait to try another Live Laugh Love Tour !" Alison Maldonado and family, Honolulu, HI

Acropolis, Ouzo, Opa!, Greek dancing, breaking glasses, retsina, exploring amazing caves, OCTOPUS!!, fava and Greek salad, sunning and siestas, sunsets, catamaran sails, crystal clear blue waters, frappes, getting lost/exploring Santorini, black and red sand beaches, massages on the beach, ATV rides, winery, Yammas!, Mythos beers, climbing volcanos, natural mud treatment, passionate Greeks, conversations, laughing until you cry, new forever friends. Yeah, that just happened! Thank you Melina for this trip of a lifetime. You rock !”  T. Dingman, Honolulu